The future is HD

ESP is proud to offer our customers the most advanced drive-thru system available today, EOS HD™ from HME.

The EOS HD™ is a drive-thru headset system with HD audio, the industry's newest advancement in sound quality. This system creates the clearest, most intelligible DT communications on the market.

Wideband audio technology allows your order taker to hear more of the conversation with your guests, improving order accuracy and improving speed of service.

The EOS HD™ also greatly improves outbound audio clarity by removing background noises in your kitchen and DT area, ensuring clearer communications to your customers.

The EOS HD™ includes the industry's best message message center, allowing you to record and play multiple scheduled messages to your DT customers throughout the day, improving check averages and reducing operator fatigue.
The message center also includes reminder messages that play over your headsets and/or a kitchen speaker to keep your employees on track. Remind your staff to wash hands, check restrooms, and more.

Make your drive-thru clearly better, in HD! Call or email today for more information.

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ESP is pleased to provide our customers with products to make their restaurants safer and more productive. We proudly feature Drive-Thru intercoms and timing systems from HME, the industry leader. We also work closely with the leading manufacturers of order confirmation boards (OCB's), making ESP your one call for all of your drive-thru needs!

We also offer CCTV/video surveillance systems that protect your customers, employees, and your assets. Modern CCTV systems come in any size and allow you to monitor activities at your establishment(s) from anywhere.

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