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Tech Tips
Use the above chart to help identify your DT system.

ESP wants you to get the most value for your equipment investment. Use the money saving information below to help your system perform better and last longer.

- Batteries -

Proper use and care of your batteries will help prevent failures and save you $$. Here are some hints to help you get the most of your batteries:

1. Ni-Cd batteries, like those found in your DT communication system, should be charged completely before use and discharged completely before recharging. If you recharge a battery before it loses power, or use it before it is fully charged, the battery can develop a "memory", resulting in decreased performance and shorter life.

2. Keep your batteries and charger in a clean, dry location, away from possible spills. Excessive heat will also damage your batteries and reduce their useful life.

3. For optimum performance and long life, your batteries and charger should be periodically cleaned. Be sure to remove power from the charger before you attempt cleaning! Blow dust out of the cells of the charger. You can then clean the contacts of both the batteries and the charger cells using a swap lightly dampened with simple rubbing alcohol. Ensure all contacts are completely dry before applying power to the charger! By removing the grease and dirt buildup on these contacts, you will greatly improve your battery performance.

- Headsets and Beltpacs -

Train your crew on the proper use and care of the DT audio equipment and enforce proper procedures. By taking a few moments before, during, and after use, your headsets and beltpacs will perform better, last longer, and save you $$. Here is what you can do:

1. Make sure users wear the headsets and beltpacs properly. Use the belt and pouch provided and ensure headset wires are attached to the pouch and the uniform shirt with clips to prevent the cord from getting snagged during use.

2. Make sure the power switch is off before changing batteries. Replacing batteries with the power switch on can result in beltpac failure.

3. Grill personnel and others who mostly monitor DT audio can better protect their beltpac by wrapping it in cling wrap during use. This will help prevent damage from exposure to foodstuffs and liquid.

4. Many pouch and belt kits, like those used with the HME 2000 beltpacs, can be machine washed. You can simply remove the communicator from the pouch and throw the pouch/belt in the washer with a mild detergent. Then allow the belt/pouch to air dry completely before placing it back in use. By removing accumulated food and dirt from the pouch, you will help prevent failure and promote better hygeine.

5. Hang up those beltpacs and headsets! Many headsets are broken as a result of poor storage habits. Keep the headsets and beltpacs connected and in their pouches and store them by hanging on large coathooks in a clean, dry area. Offices and breakrooms are the most popular choices. This simple step is the most effective way you can reduce breakage of your DT equipment and save on repair costs.

Have a tip or hint of your own? Send us an E-mail and we will publish it here.

ESP is commited to helping you get the most of your equipment investment. Check back often for more helpful Tech Tips. Call us at 913-334-4648 for more information!